About me

Henryk Klepacki

Hi, my name is Henryk.
I live in Cracow, Poland,  (Kraków in Polish).

I have been a licensed city guide, a tour director as well as a driver for more than 20 years.

I graduated from history at Cracow based Jagiellonian University. I also studied at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

If you plan to visit my beautiful home town and its surroundings it will be my pleasure to meet you and take you to interesting places you will surely be satisfied with.

I’d like to show you tourist attractions in Cracow and Southern Poland.  

I would take you for sightseeing of Cracow Old Town as well as Kazimierz with traditional Jewish Quarter.  You might also be interested in visiting a wonderful „Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland” next to Cracow with its marveleously  carved out of the rock salt chapels, corridors, stairways, chandeliers or sculptures. All those three places were put on famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites List in Washington, D.C., USA in 1978.

You would go to visit infamous Nazi German Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration Camp where  1.1 million Jews from all over Europe, as well as 140-150,000 Poles, around 23,000 Roma (Gypsies) and 12,000 Soviet prisoners of war and victims of other nationalities were murdered by Nazi Germans between 1940 and 1945.

About an hour drive from Cracow is located a beautiful town of Wadowice. This is Pope John Paul II`s home town. You would see a house where he was born – today a new large interactive museum, a church where he was baptized, a school building he attended. The most famous pilgrimage site in Poland is Jasna Góra Monastery or better known as the Black Madonna Shrine visited by about 4 million people a year. You would go to a town of Zakopane, too,  „a winter capital” of Poland, for one day trip to the Tatra Mountains.

There is a lot to explore in Cracow and nearby.

See you in Cracow

Henryk Klepacki